No one is coming to save you

Being jailed in the prison of the childhood narcissist regime gave you no tools to be self sustaining, for it was forbidden to do so. Not needing narcissist parents put you at great risk of being free, which, unfortunately is a loss of supply to them. Therefore your tools for an independent successful life were broken and the manual burnt in a fascist bonfire.

Now you’re an adult, you’re expected to fend for yourself, right? Except you didn’t see that manual, and think there are other people out there that will catch you when you fall. Except they don’t, and never did. Your parents sure as shit didn’t.

Here’s the bad news:
No one is coming to save you.

Not your parents, not your extended family, not your friends. No one.

The sooner you ingest this bitter pill, the better.

They never had your back for a good 20 years, why should they help you now? Even if they did, did you look at the various conditional strings attached to that parcel of help? Feels sticky, doesn’t it? It’s a web, designed to trap you again to the prison you were trying to escape from.

I had to beg my family to attend my graduation ceremony in 2015, the happiest day of my life so far. They did, and left sharply afterwards by themselves. Scapegoats being cheered and clapped off stage by thousands? How dare they…

Codependents will wait and wait and wait for someone to rescue them, the same way they’ve rescue others, and it never happens.
(I also see this dynamic in highly dependent communities within black society. That Jesus is coming back to emancipate the peoples and restore of former glory as head of the world.)

No one is coming to save you.

Depend on yourself. Rely on yourself. Support yourself. Lean on, love and soothe yourself. Yes it’s selfish. It’s also about damn time. Be happy with yourself.

When you depend less on others, you become free to see, think and do whatever the hell you want. You’re not affected by others opinion of you. You discover your real self, and let him/her drive your actions. You become truly free.

The solution is to save yourself.

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