Take that shine

Maybe we can learn something from the narcissist after all. Despite the shameless behaviour and outright lack of empathy and emotional connection, they have one positive thing they can teach their targets of their abuse.

What is that one thing? Take that shine.

Narcissists are angels in disguise, unfortunately for them, they just don’t realise it (and are too far gone anyway). But you reading this know that they are present in your life for that very reason. They are shooting you, in their everyday behaviour what you need to do for yourself! You have the light within you, now it’s time to let it shine.

Have an ego! Walk around like you are hot stuff. Believe the absolute best of yourself. Why not? Go ahead and sit in the sun.

But won’t I become narcissistic myself if I do this?

Well yes and no. We all have a tendency to overdo things, of course. But when in moderation, healthy self esteem can be beneficial, in other words, healthy narcissism is essentially another word for having a positive, life affirming ego (despite what many spiritualists preach, having an ego is a vital part of being human).

However the key thing that narcissists lack, and that you have in abundance, is empathy. So you can go ahead and believe the best of yourself.

Walk into the sunshine.

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