Are we the chosen ones for abuse?

[Image: Segopotso Makhutja]

Sometimes questions surface spontaneously in the mind of a narcissist survivor of the family regime. Here’s one of them:

Why were we selected?

The answer came as quickly as the question:

Because we’re strong.

Why were we chosen for this horrendous, soul rape?

We were chosen because we have a spirit within us.

We possess a personal bill of rights that says: we are to be respected. We also have a determination within us that says “you can’t kill us”.

There is a light within you so bright and strong, it blinds the ordinary, it intimidates the uninitiated and it downright scares the narcissist. It’s not a light that can be seen ordinarily, but others can see it in your eyes and your being.

This is what your narcissist hates about you. Your strength.

If you’re young enough, you’ll get hit with the gaslighting, shaming and the fear response. If you’re already an adult, the tactics switch up to constant criticism and isolation. Maybe even some physical violence.

All that subjugation and nonsense, why? Because you are strong. Why do you think a narcissist takes advantage of smaller, more vulnerable people under their care? Why does a boss make his target of abuse someone whose his underling? Why do men resort to violence to get their women to toe the line?

Because you are strong. They chose you. They thought you could be crushed into the ground. They thought wrong.

A dude on YouTube said if we know how to deal with narcissists, we can deal with anybody, since they are the “worst of the worst” personality types to deal with. (See video below)

All I know is this: once you’ve been through the spin cycle of the narcissist family washing machine, washed and cleansed yourself of the narc stink waters… sorting out the rest of your life is pretty small fry.

You are strong. Your abuse proves it.


Going No Contact – Narcissisterectomy (VIDEO)

3 réflexions sur “Are we the chosen ones for abuse?

  1. It’s funny. The same people who do the abuse are so weak and pathetic that they cannot endure first world problems meanwhile we thinking black men have taken abuse from everyone and we remain inexorable.
    The black woman is a weakling.
    The white man is a weakling.
    The non black man is a weakling.
    The pro black simp is a weakling.
    The more enemies you have, the more power you have.
    The amount of enemies you have and the length and force of their efforts to destroy you is directly relative to how strong and important you are but what it takes to attempt to take you down.

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