No one hurts you quite like a narcissist mother

I am here not out of love, but out of need. Her need…

I’m going to be biased. Narcissistic mothers are the worst. They were with you at your most vulnerable, and they grew up alongside you, fed, clothed and, schooled you.

They know your character the best, even better than yourself.

They know every nook and cranny of your soul.

They know you inside out, know all of your weaknesses and thus, know exactly where to hurt you in order to provoke a reaction out of you.

Narcissist mothers are worse than having a narcissist girlfriend (yes, really). You can always ditch the useless, egotistical woman and have the support of family and close ones to prop you up in that instance. A pathological narcissist as a mother? Forget it. Not even a violent father could dole out the type of insidious, mind corrupting, soul crushing type of abuse only women can dish out. Not a chance.

The narcissistic mother even gets to select your role in the family dynamic long before you were born. Shall I appoint the toddler king, the apple of my eye? Nah, he looks too much like the father I despise. He’ll be great at looking after my new shiny princess that looks just like me. Oh, and I need someone to take out all of my frustration and rage out on. Win-win!

The bond between mother and child should be sacred. When you have a mother that put you on Earth solely as a means to her end, what exactly is the point of that life? It’s this all I exist for?
I am here not out of love, but out of need. Her need.
Nothing hurts quite like a narcissist mother.

3 réflexions sur “No one hurts you quite like a narcissist mother

    1. Verbs,

      It takes herculean courage to overcome all of the brutality and the truth. However on the other side, the transformation of working on yourself (with the right tools) is a breathtaking sight to behold. Superhuman strength can be available to those who do the work.

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  1. I’ve already told stories about my whore mother. I guess I am blessed that I enjoyed my own company as a middle child since I was young. I didn’t know it back then but being a loner has saved me and made me indestructible.
    Women are satanic beings. The Bible says as much. Even the apocryphal book of Sirach says we all die because of woman. So they really have one function and that is to destroy spiritually empowered men. This is why I am fully against women’s rights. They need to be treated as they were in ancient times. As property. Otherwise chaos ensues. With a good, strong, powerful father to keep the female in check she cannot do any damage to the child which is a woman’s natural inclination. It is men who keep women from destroying society.
    Black men need blogs like this and slaying evil to undo the mental damage that the black witch, her satanic counterpart the white man and everyone in between has done.
    Black man, you were never the problem.
    Black women are the problem.

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