What could have been…

Had the abuse not happened…

Had the years of stolen childhood never occurred…

What could have I achieved in that time?

What kind of experiences should I have had by now?

More successes, less failures?

A stable and lucrative career?

Several partners?

A family of my own, with a loving wife?

Assets to my name?

A life lived to the full, with unbridled happiness?

A series of age appropriate challenges that strengthened the soul?

Where should I be as a recovering victim as a middle aged man? Should society just throw me in the toilet for not living up to their ideals?

Or should I just accept the fact that this is my life, half of it has already been corrupted and try to make the most of what’s left?

Narcissist abuse stole my childhood, adolescence and adult life. But the words of a famous author promises hope:

It’s never too late to be what you might have been (George Eliot)

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