Don’t put up with bullshit

The great thing about recovery from the narcissistic regime is, once you’re outside it for a while (because you’ve escaped and are recovering in your own time), you can quickly discern the bad apples in your life. Friends, work colleagues, partners, random people all of a sudden become intolerable because of attitudes, behaviors and habits, that raise Big red flags.

You are now sick to your stomach when you discover that your employer speaks to you in a derogatory fashion; that friend that stood you up an hour before your night out, because she forgot to attend to her cat; that room mate that smokes inside when it’s clearly against housing regulations…

Why do we accept such crappy behaviour from others? Does it remind us of the exact same treatment over several years from our parents and we just gotten used to it? Aren’t we deserving of being shouted at? Sworn at? Spat at? Insulted? Disregarded? After all, that’s what we’re used to, right? Why ask for any better?

Time to build yourself up and to stop putting up with other people’s bullshit.

How dare anyone speak to you like that?

You absolutely deserve to be treated with respect, because you are learning to respect yourself and thus are demanding of the same from others.

We get treated the way we carry ourselves too. If we give off uncomfortable vibes, because we haven’t yet achieved the state of self confidence, unfortunately we can invite scumbags to treat us like crap. So it’s essential to develop self esteem and self acceptance, for your own protection.

Isn’t that selfish, though?

Yes, it’s selfish to think about how you feel badly about being treated like a disposable wipe by others. Do it anyway.

Yep, is selfish to want a share of what you’re entitled to, just like evrybody else. Do it anyway.

Yep, it’s selfish to walk away from bad treatment from others. Do it anyway.

People show you who they are. Pay careful attention.

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy convincing yourself that the boss didn’t mean that demeaning joke, that’s the way he is. Your girlfriend is out of control because you told her an uncomfortable truth about herself, but you love her anyway. That random beggar swore at you because you don’t have any spare change, but you let it go, hes having it tough.

Just spending that time to consider your own feelings and listening to them, can go a long way to respecting yourself and building up your self-esteem and self-confidence. You absolutely deserve respect from others and yourself.

Don’t put up with anyone’s bullshit.

8 réflexions sur “Don’t put up with bullshit

  1. This faulty idea that constantly falling upon the sword for people who don’t appreciate your kindness is somehow a noble act needs to be kicked to the curb fast, it is selfish to allow yourself to be treated like garbage by others, walk away from the contaminated and never look back.

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    1. Verbs,

      It’s a constant discipline, one which gets easier the more it’s practiced. Far too many people in abused arenas excuse, talk away and justify tolerating abuse, worse still they’ll take that early childhood training and run with it, and start to disrespect themselves. Life is too short to that, even if it feels like death to stop the abuse, it’ll be an even slower death if is not.

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    2. #verbs facts.
      It is what the world expects of black men. Like I always say, be the threat everyone else sees you as.
      Be what they fear.
      Be what they hate.
      Be what they are trying to destroy!

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  2. Michel.
    There is nothing wrong in putting yourself first in your life because no one else gonna do it for you. Since I quit my last law firm job 4 years ago because they were treating me like shit and they was threatening to sack me, I decided that enough was enough and I won’t tolerate anyone’s bullshit whether it’s in employment or in real life, I will rip into people and tell them about themselves if they ever take the fucking piss out of me.

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    1. Quincy,

      What you tolerate you perpetuate. It’s a shame to walk away from a decent paying job, but self respect cannot be bought either. I’ve also put my foot down at a job and am waiting for the results. At this point I don’t care…

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    2. Amen brother. That’s why I left the workforce for good.
      I will not tolerate being around toxic people while putting my labour into their pockets. Going the self employed route puts every dime into my pocket and I don’t need to be around any coworkers!
      There are things more important than money and security.

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