Boundaries! Cut them off!

An important tool in coping with the narcissist regime is boundaries. You will have heard about boundaries already but what does it actually mean?

A boundary is the point where you as a person begins, and the other person ends. It’s your individual personal space. Unfortunately, many empaths are emotionally tied to your narcissist that you don’t know whether you even have a self to begin with! Moreover, empaths, being naturally open to their environment consider establishing boundaries as a cruel thing to do…. not for themselves, but for others!!!

But creating an enclosed psychological space for yourself is the meaning of having a boundary. There is an “I” and a “You”, which is emotionally separate from each other. A space that belongs to you and you alone. The thoughts and beliefs you have being totally independent of another person.

The skill set you want to develop is to recognise your individual space and then, protect it. You MUST feel worthy of protecting your own space, no matter what anyone else thinks. There are ways of doing this comfortably and easily (my favourite is hypnosis, see TOOLS section of the blog)

Once you establish strong boundaries in the mind with hypnosis or meditation, it revitalises you! You literally get back your own energy… AND it cuts off the narcissist’s energy supply line, dead.

You’ve been giving away your light to the narcissist for free, without them paying for it. That energy belongs to you. It’s yours, guard it how you would guard your home from burglars. Value yourself enough to install the emotional alarm system in your mind.

With every mistreatment, every sly insult and every abusive act comes with a warning telling you to draw the gates closed. That is your barrier, your boundary. Giving as little energy to them as possible, whilst saving the maximum for yourself. The narcissist hates you doing this, but you MUST keep your energy if you want to survive and heal.

Cut them off and supply yourself. It’s your right.

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5 réflexions sur “Boundaries! Cut them off!

  1. This narcissism department you are dealing with is a much needed tool in helping black men break free from the chains and the shackles that have been placed upon their minds by these despicable black sirens. Keep up the good work sir, like I said before you’re saving lives out here with this material. Again, always be sure to plug your work over at Slaying Evil, many brothers will benefit tremendously from the words of wisdom you’re bringing to the table.

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