Not everybody needs your help

Empaths have a hard time telling who is an enemy of theirs

The concept that people don’t like them is alien to them. Why wouod somebody so angelic and peaceful have haters?

Well its true.

When someone harshly tells them off, it hits them right in the chest. How can someone be that cruel and inconsiderate towards us?

When you gladly help another human being with something mundane, only to flip you off, or worse still, ignore your wise advice and carry on draining your life force in never ending complaints…

Because they are jerks. And they don’t like you or respect you. For whatever reason, the person you’re dealing with is made of something else – instead of soft, tender hearts, it’s made of concrete.

Well listen close…

Not everybody is your friend.

Not everyone deserves your help and sympathy.

Not everybody deserves your loyalty.

As an empath, you must protect yourself against ill-wishers, because they exist in the world. But they dont have to touch your soul. To do that you need boundaries. THIS program will help you do that.

People pleasing geys an empath drained and lifeless. Being guarded yet open to the right people is the way. Good luck.

5 réflexions sur “Not everybody needs your help

  1. I find that a lot of black men have a hard time breaking free from being loyal to the dysfunctional women in their family especially their mothers. The mother treats them like garbage yet they still cannot bring themselves to say « enough is enough ».

    I used to help my mother out with paying various utilities because she is disabled and so she cannot get around easily, however eventually I knocked all of that on the head because she still couldn’t help being disrespectful to the same person who just did her a favour.


    1. The thing with that is the type of mothers we received were neglectful from birth, which leaves us « love-starved ». From then on, we’re always looking for the pat on the head, the approval nod, something that says to the child « I love you and approve of you ». Black men are chronically love starved.

      I can’t help thinking the disrespect is your mother lashing out at the fact she’s disabled and powerless to change that, however narcissists cannot allow themselves to be grateful (read vulnerable) as they lose their superior position. I paid for the TV licence for the household up until recently. When they wanted them to put my name on the bill. They only miss it when it’s gone..

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