Yes, family hate you

As the big day looms, you may be wondering if family is as important as television, movies and general culture say they are, why does family pretend to like me as long as I go with their nonsense? In a narcissistic family, the image of togetherness is purely for show, an outside creation for mass consumption.

The truth is, family absolutely hate you.

Sad to say, they just don’t like you.

See, your presence is like a glitch in their bullshit matrix, you as the truth teller, the soothsayer, the one who sees the lies and deceit keeping the narcissistic family propped up is to be hated, isolated and trampled on, by the narcissistic mother, siblings and extended family.

They don’t want to have to talk to you, pay you any attention let alone acknowledge your presence. They hate you.

The danger is that you being to hate yourself, just to fit in the family dynamic. Don’t. The best thing may well be to leave permanently. Cut off contact with them. If that’s not possible, then at least have a place to go to think and create a slave in your mind free from the brutality of the Narcissistic mother.

Theta healing is a new mode of healing which could help you in your fight to find yourself away from abusive personalities. Search theta healing in YouTube for more info.

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