Learning to Fall is the personal blog of Michel Sibble, a recovering target of family narcissism. Here you’ll find a series of rambles and rants that may also help you, fellow adult target of narcissism. I might occasionally post in French too (yknow, Canadian content and all…..)

The title is taken from a passage in the book « How to Kill a Narcissist » by JH Simon, available on Amazon Kindle. If you want a succinct, practical guide to recover from family narcissism, I highly recommend this book. Other books just as useful are those from Shahida Arabi,Ross Rosenberg, and blogs by Veronica Jarski (The Invisible Scar) and Parenting Exposed.

Useful resources:

Childhood Trauma Recovery (wealth of information and books)
Hypnosis Downloads (change your thought patterns)
Queen Being (Angie Atkinson YouTube videos)
Richard Grannon (online seminars and self defence tutorials)