It’s not fair!

(Image: Ukkasyah Quwwatulha) The experience of healing from narcissist abuse is exhausting. The metaphor of climbing out of a deep pit couldn't have been better said. Life gave me such a handicap, it may as well been the pit from hell. Whereas some people start off with certain advantages, most of us can clearly point … Lire la suite de It’s not fair!


The gift of being the scapegoat

Yes there is a blessing in disguise in being the scapegoat of the family. You might not believe it to be true, but hear me out... Since the narcissistic family runs on a rigid hierarchy, centred on the narcissistic parent, all of the shame ran down hill. If you were the scapegoat, the muddy rain … Lire la suite de The gift of being the scapegoat

Happy Narc-Free Year

Let 2019 be the year that we break free from our narcissist-imposed prison to nurturing and sustaining self love. Use this New year as your promise to feed yourself the love you deserve. Useful tools (Vortex Success): Toxic Shame Healing Setting Boundaries Recover from Abusive Childhood

The pain (and salvation) of loneliness

Loneliness hurts. A great deal more than we think. In one of his excellent YouTube video messages, author and psychotherapist Ross Rosenberg (The Human Magnet Syndrome) gives a very valuable insight into the condition of feeling lonely within (and without) the narcissist regime... and it could have serious consequences. He describes the effect of separating … Lire la suite de The pain (and salvation) of loneliness