Being beaten

Being beaten
With the belt
With the coat hanger wire
With the electric cable
With the slipper
With the newspaper
With the broom handle

Being beaten
For forgetting
For remembering
For speaking out
For speaking in
For being quiet
For crying
To stop crying
For standing up
For sitting down
For being there
For being away
For not being loyal
For not being loyal enough

Being beaten
For being myself
To become someone else
I’m beaten down
Beaten up
But never beaten down.

7 réflexions sur “Being beaten

    1. Carnio,

      And the senseless thing is, the original reason for the beating was quickly lost and became an extremely crude method to control a child’s behaviour. The worst thing about it is to enjoyment on the mother’s face whilst doing it…

      Hopefully the early trauma of being violated can be accessed safely and released, as there’s no point in holding onto something that makes no sense.

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  1. Michel.

    My step mum used to beat me if I didn’t do well in secondary school. I made a promise to myself that if I ever have kids that I won’t beat them.


    1. Quincy,

      Awareness is crucial in recognising patterns of the past, however the right mindset needs to be established before embarking in parenthood, because raising children is bloody difficult, and old patterns can still seep through.

      How many times have we heard women say « my children are going to be different » yet the child does something wrong and gets shouted at, in the same manner as the mother did?


  2. My mother once beat me for eating too much bread at the homeless shelter she put us in after she spent all the rent money on a trip to Jamaica.
    Black women need to be beaten to the point of being unable to have children.

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    1. Unfortunately that’s how narcissistic mothers are created – traumatic abuse that forces the girl to cover it all up by controlling others, by force if necessary.

      I truly believe that so called « forgiveness » (releasing them from your mind and body) is the only justice available. Then the energy they get from you diminishes greatly. My late father can definitely testify to that.

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