She selected you to fail

The stage was set. Even before you were born. You were to fail. She saw your great potential to lead, inspire and grow beyond the home. And snuffed it out. Andv you didn't even know it. Your siblings were destined for great things, they can do no wrong. You? We cut off your legs before … Lire la suite de She selected you to fail

Yes, family hate you

As the big day looms, you may be wondering if family is as important as television, movies and general culture say they are, why does family pretend to like me as long as I go with their nonsense? In a narcissistic family, the image of togetherness is purely for show, an outside creation for mass … Lire la suite de Yes, family hate you

Resonantly speaking: the childhood roots of male mental illness

There has been plenty of discussion regarding the abuse of children by narcissistic parents and the roots of mental illness. Whilst I'm not a doctor (and all advice is to be taken with the opinion of a qualified medical doctor), the main issue with adult children of narcissistic parents is the lack of love received, … Lire la suite de Resonantly speaking: the childhood roots of male mental illness